Hey guys,

sorry to bump this but reviews will really be appreciated, I spent a lot of time writing and recording this to get close to professional quality. Please do review it
Dude this is fantastic!!
Would you want any vocals over it? I would be willing to try...
The changes keep me interested, and the guitar work and keyboard work is epic!
Love progressive metal listening, and you definatly brought a bunch of influences and styles into this. 10/10

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Dude, this IS fantastic, like the guy above me said.

I never expected the clean part to sound like that, that was very cool. The recording quality is excellent, I can see you have put a lot of work into this. 10 minutes is a bit too long though for a song, I saw that and was like, holy hell this is a long song.

Very nice song, good job.

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Very good mix, well recorded and the structure keeps the listener thinking. it reminded me of Orphaned Land in places.

Quote by ethan_hanus
10 minutes is a bit too long though for a song, I saw that and was like, holy hell this is a long song.

You've obviously never heard of LongPlayer

Dude. Badasssssss. Really diggin this. Was sort of thrown for a loop by the "storm" sound transition and the few seconds of ensuing silence before the bass kicked back in (3rd minute I think.), but then when the transition fully resolved, sounded killer, even though IMO I would have went with a second or two less of the silence. Killer lead work. Synth solo in the 6-7th minute is just stunning.
I like the story aspect going on. if there is more to be recorded, please, please, please do share!
Big fan of what you got man. Great piece of progressive music. You keeping it instrumental or thinking of vox at some point?
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Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate them.

@Guitarplaya27: Hey man, i left you a review of your song at your page. I'd love to hear someone do vocals on it haha, too bad I can't sing. PM me some ideas and we'll take it from there.

@ethan_hanus: Thanks man, i appreciate your review. I left you one on your page as well. Yeah its a long song, i just never ran out of ideas for that one. so it was jsut like, hmm that sounds good, lets put that in!!! lol

@Afroboy267: hmm never listened to Orphaned Land but i'll look em up, thanks. Keep the listener thinking was the idea, i want to make an instrumental concept-ish album.

@sjones: Thanks man. I was pretty proud of the solo-ing too. With the silence part, i'll take your advice and get rid of a measure in the final mix. I have recorded a couple more songs as well.

Check out this one if you guys like this song. Its very east indian classical meets prog meets psychedelic stuff.

I like it!

The recording quality is great.
The song never tends to get nowhere, there always is some kind of line in it, which is pretty hard with such a long prog song so thumbs up for that.
I like the guitarplaying, the rythm is tight and the soloing is nice and melodic.
You could maybe just work on a more fluid vibrato and clean some things up, but that will come naturally with time.
Overall a really good, professional sounding song!

Wanna leave a crit on this page: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1353778 ?
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Quote by OhSoInsane
@Afroboy267: hmm never listened to Orphaned Land but i'll look em up, thanks. Keep the listener thinking was the idea, i want to make an instrumental concept-ish album

This was the song that came to mind when i heard it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBqTUmyAZcw
@Pr0teZT: Left you a review on your page

@Afroboy267: Hmm weird, i can't seem to see any connection, any specific parts you're referring to?
Quote by OhSoInsane
@Afroboy267: Hmm weird, i can't seem to see any connection, any specific parts you're referring to?

Combination of instruments i guess. Similar sound to my ears anyway.
Wow, excellent stuff here. Little negative things to say about this but i'll try. Personally i found the mixing and EQ'ing made the drums fall behind and sound a little too soft. The drums were well written and also sounded quite real btw. Again this is subjective but i'm certainly not a fan of the length of this track. I understand that it is progressive and that is how it is but i'm just saying, i generally don't like tracks that over like 6 minutes long, especially when it comes to instrumentals. Although in this particular case i admit the synths and other instruments did help to keep things interesting. Nothing to crit about the guitar and bass playing (is the bass programmed?), the riffs were very tight and i liked the tone. I liked the apocalyptic feel of the song after the lightning storm bit, you're very good at creating atmosphere here. Overall, sounded very professional, great guitar work, but a little too long for my personal tastes.

If you could check out my stuff too that'd be great they're a lot less progressive and a lot shorter so i'm not sure this is your cup of tea but a crit would be nice nevertheless: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1353570
@12Jim34: I will take your advice in the final mixing and recording stage. Yes the drums and the bass are programmed. I totally get what you're saying about the drums sounding softer especially in the beginning, that will definitely change later. The song came out long cause i kept writing and i was like hmm, that sounds good lets throw that in, hmm thats good lets throw that in too! lols. Anyways, i left you a review for your songs at your page. Cheers!!
Great stuff! You won't learn to hear good things to improve, so here are the bad ones

Bass sounds pretty bad when it stands alone, imo, but sits well in the mix
Cymbals could be louder
Minor timing issues in the guitar a few spots
Quite a bit of the lead-guitar didn't do anything for me, but some good passages as well! (the keyboard was much more fun to listen to)
Weird clipping/popping noise in lead guitar @ 7:50 and a bit onwards??

Apart from that, overall great composition and production. I definitely hear a lot of Dream Theater in your composition.
Can't wait to hear with possible vocals!

Kind of reminded me of one of my bands' songs:
Woah bro! This song was so great. The guitar playing and everything, I was kept on my toes the whole way through! That's what makes the song great, it keeps listeners interested. Great great job. I absolutely loved the clean section. Just one thing, I believe it can be mixed better. This is a great progressive metal song, composition-wise and instrumentation-wise. ****ing 9/10 my friend. Good job!!!

Critique mine? It's not as good as yours :P https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1354298
@xFilth: Thanks for the feedback, i'll keep those points in mind for other songs and rerecording of this song. I listened to your band's work and im very impressed, you guys are excellent, you really have some potential to get ahead!!

@inyourgirlagain: First: AWESOME username. Second: Left you a crit at your page. Sorry it took a couple of days, i got a bit busy!!