I don't know what the going rate is but send me a message or respond here and we can definitely work something out.

Recently I've stumbled across this guy on youtube who plays some of the most soulful guitar I've heard in a while. They are mostly covers, but I just can't figure out what tuning he is in which in turn makes it tough to figure out the tabs myself.

So this is a job for a much better guitarist than I.

I don't need the whole song, I'm mainly interested in the main riff with the pull off -- also he does this same riff again around 2:30 in a lower key.

This one is a bit simpler, and again I don't need the whole song -- up to about the 2 minute mark would be great. Again, its mainly an issue of tuning here -- I'm pretty clueless so maybe someone else can help.

I realize that what makes these so great is largely the player, and its not gonna sound like this when I play, but I'd really like to give it a shot.

Thank you so much.

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there both covers! just look up the tabs for the original songs if you cant figure it out
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the tuning is open F methinks.
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@ 100%: I can play both original songs, however I really love the sound of his covers and I'd like to know what tuning they are in/how to play them.

@ acade365: Thanks! To both songs? I'll give it a shot...its gonna be tough although as my tuner is at home!
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