So Im gonna start making a pedalboard suitecase type. What Im gonna do is make a kinda suitcase of wood and not have a hinge on it but the clippy things on both sides (problems with word memory). So Im gonna attatch the pedals with velcro. The first row of pedals is just there. The thing:

How could I rise the backrow of pedals?

I cant make the box too high (as its a suitcase type) so I cant just make a solid level. It would be better having a switch or a trick with wich I rise the backrow after opening the "lid" (other half).

Help plz


thats how I did mine, this was my mockup, it doesn't hang over the edge like that
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you didnt really read the whole thing, did you?

someone? anyone?

I srsly need some advice on that. Btw, Id like you to read the whole thing as the backrow should (ideal) be low when travelling so the lid fits but when I open it, I need a way to raise it.
Some type of hinges with a lock so that you can lock it when its up or down. But unlock it when your moving it. Go to a hardware store and ask someone there, i think they should be able to help you

EDIT: This may help...
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I drew up a simple idea. No trick or switch though. Add velcro as needed to keep things from sliding around in the case.

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Wouldn't you need some kind of support on the outside so the sticks that are holding up the back row wouldn't slip out?
And I would maybe make the stick closer to the right smaller so that the back row will be slanted. How it's drawn up looks uncomfortable.

^yeah, because I meant for him to construct it exaclty as it's drawn....with no modifications whatsoever. /sarcasm.

When you take a piece of wood (aka "sticks") with any kind of thickness to it and place it 90 degrees to another piece of wood and attach them at the corner with a hinge, it will not open past that 90 degree point.

And yes, he can make one side shorter....I just didn't feel like taking the time to draw it in and rotate pieces to match the angle, etc. It's meant to give a general idea of a simple way to do what he's asking.
[thread="1285220"]First Build - Zebrawood Tele[/thread]
[thread="1288529"]Second Build[/thread]
[thread="1334385"]Curbside Build[/thread]
thanks for the input guyz! VERY helpful, thanks again. for the drawing, Id the put velcro also to the end of the sticks that are attached to the hinge? and ofc to the other end to stick it on the backrow-board. Ill make a drawing for myself, and mebe post it here. Thanks guyz, especially you handgranade


EDIT: actually the paint program of the pc sucked so I ended up visuallising. thanks!
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Quick MS Paint idea. I'd make a clean drawing in autocad but I'm too lazy right now.

Front legs and back legs use a dual-hinge to allow for folding and angling the board with different length legs. Studs in front of the legs keep it from falling forward.

A simple stick on a hinge behind the legs can be raised to keep the board wedged up. Like the bar that keeps a car's hood up when you open it.

You'd probably want to make this from high grade thick aluminum so it'd stand up to the abuse of pedal stomping.
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It looks like the 2D version is not easy to understand. So now that I'm home, I quickly drew up a new, much improved design in sketchup. It should be more self explanatory. You'll want to put velcro between the back row board and the supports to hold it in place (both when it's open for playing and when it's closed for transport). Let me know if you have any questions.

animated gif on how you would use it:

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[thread="1288529"]Second Build[/thread]
[thread="1334385"]Curbside Build[/thread]
well heres something. It looks like youve planned a sheet of plywood where the rows are on, I didnt. I thought there would just be one large plank as the whole board (base, kinda). on that board the first row of pedals would simply be velcroed. Then like you did, there would be angled pieces of wood with hinges on them, and sheets of plywood glued? on their sides so that the backrow board will just stick in like a puzzle piece perfectly.

I thought of something like this. The base board dimensions would be 63cm W, 32cm L, 15mm thick (or is that too thin?). The sides of the suitcaseboxboardthingy will be X tall (dunno yet, suggest something? Has to fit a Wah-wah and the backrow ofc, nothing too tall on the backrow though, tallest to be an ISP Decimator so basically just the size of a boss pedal, but how high would the sides have to be then?) and the box would be made by those dimensions of the base board and sides, by adding maby 1,5cm width and length so that the dimensions would be for the inside space. Then, the backrow wood pieces that have the hinges on them: 1cm thick, 16cm long (that way the front and back are the same, or should the backrow be a lil shorter, as the angle will make it longer?) 8cm tall from the front side, 12cm tall from the back side. The plywood attached to it would be 5mm app. thick, with 1cm extra height to the main wood, so 9cm and 13cm (or should there be more extra? like 1,5cm). The back board would be 1cm thick (or should it be thicker, eg 1,2cm or 1,5cm??) 29cm wide (plus the 0,5cm X 2 from the plywood with hinges, so 30cm actually), 16,5cm long (as the angle adds length, and yet again, should this be made shorter?).

Now that was a lot of text and Im glad if you read/understood it all. PLEASE answer ALL of the questions that are hidden in the brackets in the text. That would clear the whole thing and my plan would be quite close to being ready.

THANKS A LOT! Seriously Im happy that people like you exist. Thank-you handgranade.


EDIT: I bolded all the questions as you can see, to simplify the wall of text.
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Wow!!!! Talk about a wall of text. It looks like you're over-thinking it.

Step 1: Get the suitcase (if you haven't already).

Step 2: Get a bunch of cardboard boxes.

Step 3: Cut the cardboard to fit in the suitcase. Layout your pedals the way you want and draw their locations on the cardboard. Experiment with different heights for the back row and find the best height to give you easy access to all of your pedal.

Step 4: Use the cardboard cutouts as templates and cut them out of plywood.

The less measuring you have to do, the smaller the chances that you'll make a mistake. I'm sorry, but it's really hard for me to understand all of your questions..... and I have difficulty thinking in metric. You'll probably want to use different thicknesses of plywood. Use thinner plywood as much as you can to keep weight down and use thicker plywood for areas that you need strength.

Good luck with your project.
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