It would be stupid... Although, if you consider the possibility of changing yourself for another you from another dimension that can play the guitar kickass and has a hot chick, then I suppose yes....
Not really, not if it was permanent. Maybe when I got really old, but life is an adventure, I'd rather live my own.
I would probably not. I like the way I have it.
It depends...like if I switched places with John Mayer for his voice, guitar skills, consant touring and fame, would I still have his knowledge of all his songs and the stuff he does musically?

Cos if not it'd be pointless...

If so, John Mayer would be there, mainly for the fame and cash and stuff.
Maybe Guthrie Govan for the insane skill.
Or maybe a euro-millions winner, just for a lot of cash.
I'd never trade lives.

But I'd like to trade bodies with Bruce Lee at his peak and receive his knowledge and skills.
I like my body, I know I'm talented and young. I wouldn't trade with anyone.
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So that means you wont know your beloved ones, but will still remember everything.
Personally , i wouldnt because i am happy atm .

remember this can be absolutely anyone from any time period.

No way. That would destroy a person.
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No, I wouldn't trade life with anyone. Location, however...
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