For sale is a ESP F-204 that can play better than it looks!

Construction: Bolt-on
Scale: 35 in.
Body Wood: Mahogany
Neck Wood: 5-pc Maple/Walnut
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fret Marks: Dots with model name at 12th fret
Hardware: Silver
Bridge: LTD BB-04
Binding: None
Frets: 24
Fret Size: Jumbo
Pickups: EMG 35-HZ set
Electronics: Volume, balance, B-30 active EQ

This bass plays better than my $1000+ bass and looks better too! When I first walked out of the music store with this bass in hand, I literally saw every person waiting at a busy intersection turn to take a second look. I received thumbs up and dropped jaws without even plugging it in!

ESP F-204

ESP F-204(HD)

No matter how many times you see the pictures, it will still "wow" you when you see it in person. I would rather not sell this bass (especially after taking pictures and typing up the specs) but I rarely use it and have started to play around with 5 strings lately. Dont let this stop you from getting a great deal on it! I had it set up and cleaned a day ago, another $40 added onto the $700 I originally paid for it! Another Bonus is the brand new set of Rotosound 66 strings I am including with this deal at no charge.When it came out a few years ago, it was the top of ESP's line and even compared to ESP's current day lineup (F-54, F-104, F-155DX etc.) the F-204 still manages to use higher quality wood for body and neck, Higher quality bridge, and better pickups (coming from a guy who has owned 5 ESP's). The only thing that comes close is the F-414.

Dont let this bass' hard lines deceive you! Though it has a "metal" look, It is surprisingly light and "hand friendly" and has neck that is the perfect size for any sort of playing. When tuned down to DADG or even BADG, it doesn't tun into a floppy mess (35" scale) and the EMG's really make a difference compared to the ESP pickups found in the lower end models (worth about $200 alone!). The EMG's are very versatile and no matter where you play, in a church, in a bar, at school, etc. it will play anything you throw at it.


All the proof is in the pictures. Dont believe me? I taped this just yesterday:


This bass still is still covered by Daddys Junky Music for another 10 months! This warranty includes Unlimited repairs, lemon-aid replacement (If the bass is in their shop more than 3 times in the first year and either you or Daddys Junky Music declares it a "lemon", you can either choose a comparable new or used bass with no price limits or be refunded 100% of the purchase price or Blue book value as long as its in "as purchased condition"), free rental bass of equal or lesser value as long as it is in the shop, free shipping and handling both ways, and more! (Full manual downloadable as a pdf here: http://www.daddys.com/local/daddysDifference/expandedBenefits.pdf)

Looking for $300