I managed to pick this baby up in a nice trade today. I play in a recently formed post rock/indie/experimental band, so this pedal was 100% necessary. Ive used them before, and have always loved it. Needless to say, I've been messing around with this for 2 hours so far and it's just endless fun. Pic is crappy quality, was taken with my webcam.

Boss DD-7

This pedal is very simple to use. About 10 minutes of twisting knobs and such and you have a good grasp of what it can do. By simply cranking the E. Level and Feedback knobs all the way up, you can make some really cool, almost synth sounds. Then by adjusting the Delay time knob, you can make some crazy chops and glitchy sounds. I also bought the FS-5U as seen in the picture right after making the trade. It's a tap tempo, and I personally think it is a must have. I couldn't be happier with this pedal!
nice u find a way to turn off the annoying click with the exp pedal in
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Very nice! HNPD!

Nice profile pic btw!
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cool beans, I need me a delay pedal
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HNPD! I want to get both the DD-7 and FS-5U, so you have me jealous. Anyway, Circa's a great band! Love 'em.