I'm glad you guys like it!

I just used a Digitech RP-250 and recorded it through Audacity, so it's not too great at all .
I really liked it, the way it builds up is great, perfect for an intro. The only criticism I have is that it could do with some better mixing, I think it would sound better if the individual instrument parts were more clearly separated by panning them or something, it's hard to hear everything thats going on in that last bit. Sounds like a good start so far, I'd like to hear the finished song.

Well, by no means is it my preferred choice of music. But all in all, it sounds tight. I like the octave leads going on in the background. I would like to hear the full song, but as far as an intro for pop punk, pretty cool man, pretty cool.
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Nice dude! I have an rp250 and it's a great pedal for recording and just jamming. Did you use the mixer mode or the amp mode?

I'm honestly not even sure which I use. I didn't know there were two different options, but I didnt run it through an amp I just used the pedal with some headphones to EQ the sound I wanted, and ran it into my computer.

@^ - Thanks! Means alot when someone who isn't in to this kind of music can still dig it.
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On the top of the pedal there's a button, if you push it in it goes to mixer and if you push it out it goes to amp. In the manual it says whenever you are recording direct you are supposed to use mixer mode because it activates amp simulation (or something like that I can't remember). But I dont think it really matters what mode you use as long as it sounds good.