ok so ive been playing guitar for 6 years... in 2 weeks i start college as a major in performance music for guitar. My favorite genre has always been metal and ive always loved writing brutal metal songs on guitar and practicing my shred for ridiculous solos. I was passionate about shredding.

In the past year i started recording music about the same time that my band broke up. So i recorded lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar, and put some digital drums in. Then when it came time for vocals i was kindof ****ed cuz i wanted someone to scream, but i didnt like how no one at my school could do brutal low, strong mid, and screaching high screams... so i went to this vocal instructor that specialized in metal and she taught me how to scream without damaging my voice.

I planned on being a guitar playing screamer, but now for the past few months all ive been doing has been singing, screaming, and writing lyrics so ive been paying less attention to the guitar.

Should I embrace this new passion or should i force myself to focus more on the guitar... or both?
If you enjoy screaming more, then go with it. But i think sooner or later you'll miss guitar playing and go back to it.
You should evaluate which appeals to you more, and really focus on that. But don't give up either, in the long run, having multiple musical disciplines can only better you as a musician, and your career.