A buddy of mine has been amp hunting for a while and he has narrowed it down to 2 amps. He is practically set on the Egnater Tweaker but he is also curious about the Blackstar HT-20 studio. Since neither of us had a chance to play it in person, we'd like to get your thoughts on the matter.

Also, none of the clips online we found were recorded well enough to judge. Help a brother out and lend us your knowledge.

Oh and he plays a lot of hi-gain stuff and cites Mastodon as his favorite tone and when he cleans it up he prefers jazzy style cleans.
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i think i might prefer the overall tones and versatility of the tweaker, but the HT20 can possibly nail the high gain sounds a little better. dont quote me on that though. its been a little while since i've played it.

honestly, i dont think you can go wrong with either to be honest. i do love the egnater a lot though!
I'm not really a fan of Blackstar. Only ever played an HT-60. (I think it was an HT-60...

But I played a Tweaker when I went pedal shopping a few weeks ago, and liked it a lot. I'd try to go used for that kind of cash though. Or at least get that GC 10% discount.
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^good point Greg.

I'd personally go for the Tweaker of the two and put EL34s in it. My only Blackstar experince was the HT5.

What about the Jet Cities?

What about a Vypyr 60?

What about used amps?

Well I can't speak for him, but he said those are the 2 he is looking at so I'm checking those out.
In case anyone cares, he decided to buy the tweaker combo online since no place seems to have the blackstar in store. If he's not happy with it, he'll return it and order a blackstar. thanks for your help.