like whats a good amount of time to sing without damaging my voice...
and i know this isnt part of the screaming thread but does anyone know the limit on screaming as well?
Cause I know how to sing without damaging my voice I can sing for the whole day if I want to.
IF you can do that (&scream without damaging it) you can do it too I guess. BUt as much as 10 minutes can hurt your vocal cords. So yeah...you know best. As soon as you feel weak on you voice or as soon as it becomes ''scratcy'' or sore or anything....stop!
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Guitar, the length of time you can sing will depend on the day (how rested you are, weather, hydration, etc.) and how strong you are vocally. It changes each day, but you'll learn to feel it out the longer you have at it.
SingingSabre is right! Pros will sing for hours a day but amateurs are doing good to hold out through the concert. Each person has different abilities and limitations on their voice. Having said that, the best advice I was ever given about vocals was that "It is those who practice perfect will sing that way too!" So even beyond physical limitations perfect practice leads to perfection in whatever style of singing/screaming you are after.