yeah, so we entered the room, set our stuff up and I shouted "play this drum intro from dani california"

The resulft is on my profile.

We didn't notice this while we recorded, but the guitar sound is kind of "dull". It's not really "bad" for a quick recording in the practice room, but it sounds like I was going soft on my strings and the guitar's volume knob isn't turned up all the way.

Fortunately, that makes for a more laid back feeling in contrast ot the previous jams.

anyway, tell me what you think. If you have experience with recording drums, please throw me a PM, I'd like to ask some questions.

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Hey man, as I go.

Drums actually sound pretty good for a practice room recording, liking the whole raw feeling it creates. The guitar lick is nice an rough whilst still being pretty funky, I'm liking it. Like you said the tone is admittedly a bit dull, but you're all over that one. I reckon it needs a little bit more bite and power.
Digging the bit after 3:00ish, I get this sort of southern rock vibe, I dunno if that's what you wanted though
Throughout, alot of the riffs sound similar, which makes the piece get a little tiresome. All I can suggest is to mix up your guitar tone possibly, or introduce new instruments/parts when you can. I understand this is only a jam though.
To be honest though dude, this has some pretty kick ass ideas, and if you develop this jam a bit, I think you could have an awesome song going on there. I totally feel the whole laid back thing too, it completely works.