i am thining of dropping about $350 on some new pedals.

the main point of this thread is help finding a boutique wah. i dont want to spend over $250 on the wah.

i like the fulltone wahs. i am not sure if the clyde deluxe is worth it over the standard clyde. the standard clyde is the only one i have actually gotten to mess around with, so if anybody thinks the deluxe is worth the extra $50 give me your thoughts.

i am open to any boutique brand on wahs and i dont know exactly where to look to find a bunch of others, but if anybody thinks there is better out there than the fulltone models, let me know the brand, as i am open.

other pedals now...

i have plenty of OD pedals, so they are not needed.

i have two choruses i like, they arent overly amazing, but i dont use chorus much, and they do the job.

i have a voodoo lab mircovibe and love it.

i have an MXR eq and love that, so i dont need one of those.

i am potentially thinking about the voodoo lab tremolo, but am not sure that i would get a ton of use out of the pedal as far as different songs go.

i like the malekko 616, and would like to pick one up, but the wah is higher priority, and i can't fit both in the budget all that well, as $350 is the most absolute i can possibly stretch and wont have any additional extra cash coming in as i am not working throughout the semester.

i like the mxr phase 90 script phaser, and would like to get one of those, but would not buy one new.

so what wah should i get? and what else should i get with it?
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i dont know what genres are you playing but take a look to a MXR Custom Audio Electrionics Wah . Works great for everything .
I love it . Maybe u will too .
Teese RMC3.

Mine killed my Fulltone.

I picked it up off the Gear Page for $150 shipped.

If you do decide to go with a Fulltone, the Clyde deluxe is definitely worth it over the Standard model, but ONLY if you like the other two models. I like them, but I mostly just use the Jimi setting, so I probably would have been better off with a Standard.
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Teese RMC3.

Mine killed my Fulltone.

I picked it up off the Gear Page for $150 shipped.

Same story but I traded for it. The Fulltone is great but the Teese is just the greatest wah ever for anything but modern metal.
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