I love my Ernie Ball 11's

They produce nice fat chunky lows and clean rich highs but man are they killing my fingers and my callouses are thick enough that I can rub my fingers over some wood and barely feel the grain.

So what are some good peices of wire that bend easy and maintain that rich tone I like so much with the ernie balls? I heard thick bottom's skinny tops can damage your neck, any truth to that?
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Stick with your 11's. Develop the strength with your fingers, and you'll ultimately benefit. I did that with a set of 12-54's, and now my fingers are used to that gauge and every other guitar is super easy to play, but I get a nice big sound.

If you really want to switch and you like the EB strings you've been using, you may as well go with a set of 10-46's from the same brand. 10-52's aren't a bad idea either. As long as your guitar is set up for it, which it shouldn't be too far away from.
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I think you need to clean the strings more, use string cleaners/lubricants to make em more smooth.

That might help.
Yeah man, stick with 11's! They're great for down-tuning too! I used to use only 9's on my American Telecaster, but when I switched to 11's, it sounded even better! (Then even better when I got a tube amp!).
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maybe something like this:

although i'd stick to what you have. you can only really benefit from increasing your finger strength.
I tried the boomers, the low E string was so thick it wouldn't thread through my tuner, so I move all the strings up one slot and played without a high E for a while it sounded pretty decent too.

Stick with your 11's. Develop the strength with your fingers, and you'll ultimately benefit.
I guess that's good advice, when I pick up my brothers Nylon string acoustic I feel like I'm bending rubber bands, I'm pretty sure I could snap the high E with just my ring and middle finger

Thanks for the advice
I use 10-52. Good tension on the low strings, nice and loose (but not too loose by any means) on the high strings.
Ideally, thin strings are easier to bend. To me, 9s serve well for vibrato and getting rich sounds. It's true that using beefy slinkys would improve your bending because practicing with more resistance would make it easier to bend in the long run. But in short run, low gauge strings like 9s would work great.

Or if your the beefy slinkys are really killing your fingers you could try power slinkys.
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It's a short-scale guitar (24.75"), so it's maybe a bit easier than a full 25.5", but no, I play in E standard. I'm used to playing an acoustic, so the tension doesn't bother me. In fact, I find it more comfortable -- I play fingerstyle, which is hard to do when your playing hand's constantly bending the strings. 11's are about the lightest I can stand, and they snap too easily.
Right-on, thanks again