So long story short, next week I'm coming into a little bit of money which will be used to buy an agile 200, and an amp.
The Peavey vypyr 15 is 100 dollars and the vypyr 30 is 200 . If i get the 100 i can afford to buy accessories for my guitar (bag, and a hardcase for my acoustic). however, i was wondering if I'd be better off just getting a vypyr 30 because the difference in sound is worth it.

I play lots of rock/metal, but i do like to venture into clean sounds.
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id say vypyr 30, cause it has the stompbox effects on and you can use a footswitch with it.
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I'd forgo the cases and extras and get the 30 for the reasons mentioned. Plus it will have a 12" speaker which will make a world of difference. Hell the 75 is only $275 so stretch if you can. Amp comes before all else.
I'm assuming this will be your main amplifier.

If that is the case, i recommend the 30w, but nothing higher imo.

I got the 15w just because this is my practice amp, not my main live amp.

Also, the 12" speaker will make a difference, you'll have a bigger tone.
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Yeah since its your main amp, get the Vypyr 30 or like 311 said, save away for the 75 if you can. Your amp is the most important part of your rig in my opinion.

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get 30

do it ******
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