So I'm looking at the Marshall JVM series. One thing I don't quite understand is the seperate "modes". It says its all valve, so to get it straight, that means it's no digital modeller, right? And if so, is that any good? It almost seems a bit gimmicky, but seems good if they can pull it off.

(By the way, I'd like to say sorry for the amount of threads I post on amps, I live pretty far away from a big guitar store so don't get to try out any amps really, so this forum and the reviews online are all I have )

its just different voicings/gain levels and IMO it does sound good yeah! Its not a 100% valve amp anyway because it uses digital reverb and MIDI to program channels, but (although a lot of people hate on it) PERSONALLY I love the way the JVM sounds, and if you're looking for a bucketful of Marshall sounds in one amp, go for it. if you actually only need one or two, I'd look at other things.
Wait on the JMD series if your considering buying a JVM.

MUCH better...
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I played a JVM205 once and it wasn't that bad... I think people are just hatin' on Marshall for not having made an amazing amp in 20 years since the Jubilee.

Granted, I play low-gain stuff. It might suck for high gain
Semi off-topic: has anybody actually played a JMD-1 and cranked it up? I feel like it could be pretty good if somebody would actually post a demo with the power section in use instead of this "Volume at 1" bullshit everybody seems to do.

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I think people are just hatin' on Marshall for not having made an amazing amp in 30 years since the JMP 2203 and 2204.

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I've messed with a lot of the JVMs at various stores and usually at high volume. Safe to say the JVM and I do not get along. The best tone I've been able to pull is the Green mode with the gain up a bit. The modes are just different circuits but as mentioned it is still all valve. Take a look at the insides to see what I mean. Plus I like amps that I can work on and JVM does not fit that bill. The reverb is nice. It is a somewhat complicated amp to learn but it is learnable. I also concur that the a 210 or 205 would be better. Less channels = less complexity = better tone imo. The gain is just to 'fake' sounding for lack of a better term. I think if I lived in the UK I would find it a better value but here in the States there are just too many better options. The last great Marshall made imo is the JCM 2555 which I think was made in 1995.

Home or gig?
New or used?
Current gear?
Closest city?
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Home or gig?
New or used?
Current gear?
Closest city?

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