I'll buy a guitar by internet but the problem is that i can't decid wich one to choose according to the wood used.

The first one is a Staren S 4130
* Top: Basswood
* Neck: Maple
* Back & Side: Basswood
* Fingerboard & Bridge: rosewood

And the second one is a Kobrat profesional serie
* Top: Spruce
* Neck: East Mahogany (Nato = Caoba Oriental)
* Back & Side: Sapele
* Fingerboard & bridge: Rosewood

Can you help me please?
What is your budget? Those both seem like terrible guitars. Basswood doesn't seem to be commonly used, and Nato is NOT a type of hog.
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since those are laminate top and side guitars, the wood listed is only a thin sheet of veneer. there's probably no way to know what's underneath, but chances are these aren't very good guitars. i'm not familiar with these brands, but i'd recommend you save and buy a yamaha - even their all laminate models are probably the best quality guitars when it comes to entry level and budget models, and they make very good ones above that, too.
I can't afford a yamaha for the moment & i want badly a guitar as soon as possible.
So with my budget & a little bit of googling i've found two other choices :

Fender Squier SA-105 NA Acoustic Steel Guitar, Dreadnought, laminated Spruce Top, Back & Sides laminated Nato, Neck Nato, Rosewood Fretbaord, 20 Frets, Rosewood Bridge with compensated saddle, Die.Cast Tuners, Scale 643 mm, Color Natural

and this one :

So, what is the verdict ?

If you know any other models fitting my budget, please let me know.