ok ill get right to the point, a talent show in 2 weeks and i need a well known guitar instrumental to play at the show, any ideas? no neo-classical or acoustic, it has to be something epic...
Anything by Burzum. Go TS go!
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Canon rock.
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Canon rock.


It's a lot easier than it seems.
"Glasgow Kiss" or "Damage Control" by Petrucci.
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Classical Gas


Or, I know, how about Randy Rhoads' solo!
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it doesn't matter, solo electric guitarists never win talent shows
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Any of the following theme songs
The Pink Panther
The Simpsons
Super Mario
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Weird Music
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Thunderhorse - Dethklok. Not very well known but short and freaking epic and fun to play

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Johnny B. Goode.


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Little Martha by Duane Allman
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DragonForce, a 3 year old can play it and people that are musically retarded (as in anyone that will be watching a talent show) will think your a master of guitar.
Master Exploder by Tenacious D. even if you cant sing it, sing it. i do it all the time. people have no clue what the **** im doing. and its pretty easy to sing.

yes, i know TS wanted an instrumental. but i suggested otherwise.
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joseph merrick - mastodon or elephant man, pretty ****ing epic.
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call of ktulu
if you want epic you could play far beyond the sun, but i dont think your gonna learn that in 2 weeks
Call Of Ktulu. Be even better if you can use the S&M recording as a backing track.
How bout a Misirlou or Wipeout? They're pretty simple and everyone loves surf rock. Just for the love of god don't do Eruption, everyone does that at talent shows.

Plus all the musically retarded pop kids will recognize Misirlou from the Black Eyed Peas song.
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