It's like an offshoot of Dean. If they're same quality as them then they look cool, definitely playable, but there's better.
I tried out one of the Imperial models a while back - it looked gorgeous and was thin as ****. The neck seemed lovely too but was set-up really badly with 9s so I couldn't tell how good it really was. Didn't plug it in either.

It was priced at £550/£600, something like that, and if you liked the amplified sound that looked like a good deal from what I saw.
I haven't tried one yet, but apparently Dean B.Zelinsky created this whole new company to provide better looking guitars with much better quality than his old Dean guitars, he said that he learned from his mistakes and that he's ready to create perfect guitars... The prices are too high though ...
They are very good guitars. You have to think Mr. Zelinsky is going for a quality vs quantity this time around.

edit: I played and am referring to the US models.
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Uh, I doubt DBZ is going for quality over quantity when he wants to make money. Don't believe all the hype guys. Dean is not building these guitars like he did with his first run Deans. He's a business man, he needs to sell guitars. What better way to do it then to put down your ex company? All of the imports are massed produced obviously. The USA models are a noticable step up but some of the more expensive ones are a waste. They are not better than a comparative (key word: comparative) Dean.

Try the guitars out, but I would buy those guitars used if I were you. Plus I have a feeling the resale value on those guitars aren't going to be so good.
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I've played a few of them, while talking to Dean Zelinsky himself when he was at my local guitar store.

They're not bad at all, IMO; definitely a big improvement over all the cheap Dean Vs, MLs, and Razorbacks that Dean was pumping out.
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