I want to paint my bass... I have never done it before, and I want it to be damn near perfect. I would like some info if anyone could provide some.

I figure I sand it down to bare wood. Use a tack cloth to remove all dust, dirt ect..

Then what?? Should I prime it? How many coats of paint? Do I sand between coats?? How many coats of clearcoat? sand between coats??

I would love any info anyone could refer to me.
The Ultimate Painting and Refinishing Thread has loads of helpful information and links. Give the first couple pages a read then post any questions you have there. You can find it linked in the GB&C Central Hub (in my sig). Best of luck to you!
man make sure you dont sand off the sanding sealer and if you do replace it that stuff seals the grain its a damn pain in the ass if you dont have that stuff on there
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