hey guys, i got a cheap guitar humidifier but have no idea how much to use it. its a plastic case that has a sponge in it, and its put in the guitar sound hole. I basically check it every other day and make sure its slightly damp. i keep my guitar in the case. is this what i should be doing? or do i have to buy a humidity gauge of some sort, where would i even get one?

edit: i live in boston and its 80-90 degrees in summer, ac is usually on

thx guys
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You need a hygrometer. That will tell you I'd you even need the humidifier at all. Can't say how much you need to humidify without knowing the present humidification(is that a word?)
Boston? Summer you're okay without the humidifier. Winter, you'll need it. The dry air from the heater sucks up moisture.

There's some helpful info in my sig link about humidification.
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if you ac is on, you'll probably need to humidify as ac removes the moisture from the air.

but the FIRST thing you need to do is buy a hygrometer, test it and use it. you don't want to put a humidifier in the case of a guitar that may already be too humid.
Get something like this to keep in your case. Also get the calibration thingy that they recommend with it. It's only $24 for both.


It's about 60% humidity in my basement right now with two dehumidifiers going. In the winter, I have a cool mist humidifier running because it gets below 40% humidity
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