I finally got a wah pedal and was seriously disappointed when I plugged it into my desk and got no signal when it is activated.

My usual setup is to play though a LINE 6 POD-X Pro direct into my Mackie 1220i desk that has a High-Z input switch. I can't play through an amp because of noise issues and neighbors.

I troubleshot this to eliminate typical issues so its not a question of bad cables. bad power source, incorrect signal routing.

Any ideas? I haven't tried a DI box yet but didn't think I needed to because of the High-Z switch.
I could be wrong but I believe you still need the DI box. I would give that a shot. Can you play from the wah into the Pod and then into the desk?
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yaaahhh... you might kinda need an something to amplify the signal there, or else you're gonna get nothing. Your POD has a built in small amp (designed to be used with headphones) so you can use it as a standalone unit. The wah has no such thing, so you're gonna need a headphone amp or small practice amp of some kind.
Thanks for the replies.

I've been hovering about, thinking to get an Orange Crush PiX CR20LDX practice amp and just plug the headphones into there.

I guess this might be the excuse I need to do that.

It does seem strange that this Wah pedal (Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby) would attenuate the signal THAT much when activated. The signal flows though fine in bypass mode.

If there is such a dramatic attenuation then I'm a tad frightened to accidentally switch it off with my headphones on. (easy to do because this model's on/off switch is activated by stepping forward on the pedal - something that could be mistakenly done in a moment of reckless funk-wah abandon)
It works when the wah is bypassed but not when it's active? That is rather strange. And this is a stock, unmodified Crybaby without true bypass?
Epiphone Les Paul
Fender American Special Strat
Assorted Boss and Hardwire pedals
Vox AC15C1
brand new. I even sent it back. the guy tested it for me - even played it over the phone and it worked plugged into his amp.

it just doesn't want to behave when plugged in direct.
to SwampAshSpecial .... thanks for the effort buddy, but the desk has pre-amps and I play straight into it all the time no hassle.

Let me clarify the issue here ...

- wah pedal works fine activated and in bypass when plugged into an amp
- wah pedal plays fine through desk when plugged in but de-activated
- wah pedal kills signal when routed directly into the desk and activated

i made some progress with this one ....

i tried plugging in my bass guitar and it works fine.

so the pedal is ok.

Something about the signal coming out of my guitar it doesn't like.

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