Bass inversions are one of the most popular techniques used in todays genres. Many times Minor chords and 11ths among others will be mistaken for bass inversions. For ex a 4/5 sounds much like a 511 chord and in most cases is used in place of 11ths to create smoother resolution to the tonic. Minor 7th chords can be smoothed out by adding a bass inversion. There are many more examples but get ahead of the game by learning bass inversions. They can transform a common diatonic piece into a masterpiece thus defining your identity.. Lesson for the day hope this helps

The Guitar Teacher
I wish I understood what you just said.

I don't really like today's music anyway.
You weren't very clear in your explanation at all and using chord root inversions doesn't transform your music into a masterpiece, you need to know where it's appropriate to do it, depending on the texture you want in the music. Your explanation covered none of that.