I was at teh guitar center, played my favorite practice amp, the Vox VT50, and it seems that it was high on mids, so much so that it was emminsley(sp) muddy. Has anyone had any problemos with this amp or is it just the quality of the amp at GC?

I own a VT 100 and to me it appears to be stronger on lows than highs. I run it through an Epiphone G-400 with the original pickups (which aren't exactly the best quality). The guitar has alot to do with how the amp sounds. But the VT 100 has served me extremely well. I play blues and rock and the amp works great!! What guitar did you try out the VT 50 with?
Yeah, I'm really not a fan of my VT15. It's is pretty muddy and the lows and mids are alot stronger than the highs. This really doesn't work for me cause I like my highs pretty high, my lows about half and my mids pretty much all the way down. The only reason I have it is cause it came with my Jackson that I bought used. Alot better than my little wal mart practice amp though haha.
…so much so that it was emminsley(sp) muddy.

This is 2010, download a web browser with a spellcheck feature.

Anway, the high-gain amp models on the Valvetronix amps (boutique metal, cali metal, metal bull) can all get muddy if you crank the gain, but they have enough gain on tap that you really don’t need to unless you’re trying to play death metal. Although they do get muddy if you start downtuning—playing my baritone on a VT amp’s hi-gain channels was kind of gross.
They are a bit muddy at times. Depending what your running on. But if you tweak some with the EQ it can def help.
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