what up guys... I been playing guitar for a number of years now but I have a question. I was wondering if my thick string gauge is having a negative affect on my sweeping. I play a Chuck Schuldiner bc rich stealth with 13-56 gauge strings. Tuned to D standard. I never ever play in drop tunings lol... Don't get me wrong I CAN sweep with these elevator cables but it seems when I pick up a friends guitar, that it becomes easier. I also use really thick dunlop ultex sharp picks. I play pretty hard but I know that when I sweep... I tone it down. I don't know if anyone else in here plays with big strings like me. It seems to be very rare. But if there are any specific thick string techniques... I would love to hear them... thanks guys
I use 11-54s, and I like the feel they have with a Jazz III pick when I sweep, it's comfortable. I don't know that I'd call 11s that thick though.
I might be completely wrong but I think that lower gauge strings dont ring out as easy and are easier to maneuver. So this makes for comfortable and fluid playing while not maximizing your mistake noise
what kind of palm muting is best for metal?
cut off some guys hand and place it under the strings. brutal low end bro.
What Freepower said. It's just something you've gotta get used to by practising.
But if you want, try actually swapping your strings to 11s for a batch and see if you're more comfortable with them...
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I use 13s too now. It's really possible to sweep on 'em
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I bet you it's your big pick. Thick picks are the only way to go but I use the Dunlop Eric Johnson picks because they are small as well as thick. I have 12's on my guitar and when I change picks my sweeping becomes worse.