My dad wanted to write some songs with me, so I was like mmkay. I made a few guitar profiles and he was rather disappointed with what I had written. Apparently harmonies aren't very cool and sounds like zelda music. I argued that zelda is a bad ass game so the music is bad ass too. He disagreed.

isn't the music in zelda awesome?
Hell yeah it is.
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...
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Countermelodies > harmonies.

It had melodies in some of them.

I think he is just hard to please, he wants me to be like Mozart or some shit.
I'm now where near that good
Zelda's music is VERY good, and very unique, too. I really think that composer (Koji Kondo) is a lot better than many western composers that have a much bigger name.
I hear ya buddy.


On topic, if your dad wanted to write music with you he should probably at least try to appreciate your styles and influences (however Zelda they may be [which by the way is awesome]).
1. I agree that Zelda music is cool. Harmonies = Good.
2. Are you writing songs from the bottom up? Your dad might be more comfortable with working from the beginning and not immediately writing a bunch of riffs. Don't take this for granted though, everyone writes music different. =D
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