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Lights in the sky hover above us as we walk towards the horizin
Who are we?
I see a shadow dance across my minds eye
What are we?
Angels trumpet our arrival in a land where nothing is everything
Where are we?
Questions that won't be answered until the end of ends
But we can't help from asking
Who, what, when
The three W's of internal sight
Peering into the crannies of our souls
A searchlight illuminating the prison of our hearts
The last W is my favorite
It is the only answer to the triad of unsurmountable questions

sad people living happy lives

planes and angles
verticies slightly adjusted
against walls,
walls of ocean and ordinary.
take it as a gesture of love
or whatever that you take is
embrace and hold close
squeeze it to your chest
tell it it is special.
we take so much to live.
we board a ship
and make planes collide
the shift of an orbit
the change from beginnings to


Mark my words,
Remember the fall, and the season that
We once existed on-top of one another
Always on top.
It is a shame, when you think about it that way
So don’t.
Let me breath, and so begins the climaxing moment.
It is right. You say. It is wrong. But somehow it feels
To believe.
We were on top of one another again
But this time outside.
And this time,
Ah, there is no point in this times or that times or
Anytimes, but always we
Were once serpents.
And so cold the ground is.


crates of dusty diamonds
sparkling the sidewalks like broken glass
walking and walking until the passed
becomes the past.
heaven is a picture when
you can't remember where you're at.
rundown storefronts like fallen dominoes
christmas lights up in an autumn glow
everything is illuminated except
the places you've come to love the most.

Fragment Ideas and Too Many Pronouns

My hands drip with sanatizer, the devil left me satanized and
I can't be congratulated, for when my heart is saturated
And all the words we've congreated that don't mean shit when calculated
Cause I won't be demoralized, when the devil leaves me demonized

My sweat beads shake and I'm satisfied, with all your truths and all my lies
A roller coaster testified that I tried to jump*while terrified
From heights you can't identify, from the things I've done I can't deny
For the pain and hurt that made you cry, and made me lie apologize

So all my words are falsified and all my needs are quantified
And I can't lay here by myself, without your breath and failing health
From all the fresh and rotting flesh and the trainless tracks that bring my death
And all the things you never said were keeping me alive at best.