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i lost my tooth in a cup of tea
i fell in a hole and landed on a table
this is all absurd but its happened
things happen
things happen and we pretend they dont
i want to sleep with everyone
i want to sleep with someone
i want to sleep
i want to forget
i want to fall into a hole and land on nothing
i want to lose my tooth and watch it disintegrate
turning into sugar for my tea.

in the rivers where your mouth has made fountains of gold,
i swallowed the words we were to scared to say,
these thoughts in my hearts
too deadly to sing in our world;
you felt my hand and asked me for a kiss,
i turned my head to a time where you were the only thing i could miss
and just then we felt silent.
obscured inbetween apple trees
and drowning bees
i saw the light in your eyes begin to rot into mud;
you thought you noticed tears coming out of my eyes
but it was just the sound of river waters
crashing; flowing

You are a broken heart starved of food and light
And life is eating at your bones.
You are a way of learning which never thinks,
A way of seeing that doesn’t mind the windows,
You are a bloated, malaria infected mess
Lying quiet in the bed,
You are empty,
You are full only of thought
Staring only into the front wall of your skull
And finding somehow the universe
Shaped, as it is, like a man
And you on his waist, waiting to ascend the stairway to the stars
You will accept no pain except for your own.

I can see through the shadows
Others pause with doubt, hesitate in concern
But I push on through
The darkness cannot hide your lies
And no matter how you try
I’ll always be able to see inside
And while others blink and look away
Without a waver my eyes remain
Focused on that darkened shroud
That hides the words you scream out loud
The words that only I can hear
That*everyone suspects are there
But suspect to your crimes is not
Enough for them to lock you up
And so I go on preaching the truth
About your lying, cheating ways
But unless my voice will shine like the sun
Your shadows will guard you while you run
From the truth within that darkness
From the lies upon your tongue


The backward glance of Januarius
sends me deeper into meditation.
His long salad fork fingers tapping
wood tables, crests of bones
and of telepathic transistors beaming the universe from his eyes.
A caricature of a carrot turns into a needle
and it penetrates
it penetrates
her heart, my heart, our heart
it's not ours or theirs but yours
it's yours, Sanctimonē
hair of a thousand fires on Mars
Eyes, beautiful, ocean-deep kneecaps