Hi guys. After recently re-stringing my floyd rose guitar i have noticed the action has raised a tad. I have searched the internet and found that turning the poles either side of the bridge would either raise or lower the action. I beleive that turning them clockwise would lower the action yes? now what I want to know is that if it is safe to lower the action when the strings are at full tension?

thanks for the help
Lower the tension to protect your knife edges.
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wow man!!..we should have a whole sub forum dedicated to FR problems...phew

did your guitar come with a manual?if so it should be on it
If you turn the studs while the strings are at tension, the knife edges will dull and it wont stay in tune for shit
By lowering tension do you guys mean by de-tunning strings or just dumping the wammy bar so there is no tension on them?

I do it the way I do, I am just curious what way you guys are referring to.
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