Poll: Are females more ____ about music?
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EDIT: Yeah It's probably against the rules to mirror another thread but that thread is always obliterated. I think a new thread with more clarity is in order. If I posted this in that other thread it wouldn't stop the flood of angry posts.

I'm pretty sure he meant to have more thought into the topic.

It's probably not a good idea to point out the factors that take part in most females choice in music.

1.Is the singer attractive?
2.Are the lyrics relevant to my life?
3.Does the music connect to me in a more physical form? (Make me feel like dancing/singing) (Doesn't apply to external instruments like guitar, bass, piano)

I think it's more of a guy think to go "Oh thats an awesome riff I want to learn guitar!"

4.Are my friends/family listening to it?

I'm not saying this is 100% a girl thing. It's probably more common in girls? OR our inner sexist makes us see it more in the opposite sex.

I'm probably ______ out about females connecting the 'art' side of media. Example would be these girls I know going to see The Departed because of how 'hawt' the cast members are. And when leaving the theater they talk about how 'SeXy' the cast are. Completely missing the spirit of the movie.

I think that applies to all forms of art.

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