Has something along these lines ever happened to you? I was eating a baguette a few hours ago then all of sudden I bite into something hard that taste like shit so I spit it out and it's my filling that I had put in to replace my old one about a month ago. That one was a replacement for one that fell out with me even noticing previously. Incompetent dentist or am I doing something wrong?
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Tooth cracked in half, and I swallowed half of my tooth when I was a kid.

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^I sucked the fillings he missed out of his teeth
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Yeah, I had a filling fall out before, too. I guess not all holes are the same and sometimes a filling can come loose. Just go to the dentist and get it fixed.
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Yeah, I went to the dentist last week and she told me my filling was missing. Weird, because I never noticed it wasn't there.
I once had one break in my mouth when I was about 10
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I thought you were gonna say your sandwich filling fell out. As it happens I have no fillings.
It is called "growing old."

Fillings don't last forever.

My dentist is always trying to convince me to have mine replaced. Allegedly the amalgam expands over time, and can crack the tooth. I didn't believe him until one of my teeth "broke" when biting into bread (of all things). Only a small part of the inner tooth broke away... but still.

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I've got 5 fillings, never had one fall out. get a better dentist.