It's 4:30 am. What do I do for entertainment aside from eating campbells porn and beans?

I'm not listening to john mayer - gravity. Which is actually really inspiring.. but I don't want to play guitar or sing.

I want to escape and go on tour with a band, but that obviously won't happen over night.. What's a poor man to do with himself?!?
Grab an mp3 player and go for a walk.

A LONG walk. At least to another city.
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It's 4:30 am. What do I do for entertainment aside from eating campbells porn and beans?

lol dude whilst your eating porn why don't you fap aswell
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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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I have that problem once in a while. I usually watch the boring ass tv that's on and lurk moar.
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My culture is worthless and absolutely inferior to the almighty Leaf.

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Stick your dick in the beans and watch porn.
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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA
Dang I set myself up too perfectly haha!

I like the idea of a long walk to another city... I'm in Beaumont, Tx... Austin doesn't seem too far away with a guitar on my back.

And BTW guys, Porn and beans are delicious. look for it at your local grocers!

Anyway, TS, read a book. Yes, a book. It's that item with a cover and pages, and the pages have a story in them...
I usually watch some boring show on tv take a sleeping pill and doze off. The trick is to not have it too boring, it's gotta be a show that you're slightly interested in but that you don't mind not seeing. But in general it has to be boring, like an informercial you haven't seen yet and that's actually kindof eye-catching. Not like that Cricut thing, or any of that fake boob shit or hair poofiers. Like that one about that Trudeau guy who is selling his book on natural cures to everything (btw it's complete bullshit, my mom has it, the stuff he says is right out of his ass, it's more of about his opinion on the FDA and the foods of today), it's kindof intersesting because he goes about some stuff and you're like oh cool, but then you're like, this guy is gay I wish he would drop dead and next thing you know you're sleeping.

Wow, this coffee hits hard at 6:30am...
Drink. It's five o'clock somewhere.
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Sadly this is Ultimate-guitar, not Simple-guitar. We can't help you.

you're NOT listening to john mayer=gravity... why not? sort it out TS!

but maybe you could play a computer game??? works for me...
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Drink. It's five o'clock somewhere.

Bitch rapin time.
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And I've eaten at some of Australia's best pizzerias.

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