I bought a Cole Clark FL-1, and frankly, being a metal head haven't used it much. I am thinking of selling it, but I'm wondering what an ideal price would be. I bought it for $800 AUD.

Thanks in advance
What's it condition? Have you taken care of it? Did you keep it in the right humidity range?
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In perfect condition. I haven't tuned it since I bought it, and it still is in perfect tune, so I guess it must be in the correct humidity range.
Even in perfect condition I probably wouldn't pay more than $500 for a guitar that's $800 new.
I'm an Aussie and I've always wanted a FL1!!

Where abouts in Aus are you? I live in Melbourne..
How much would you like to sell it for?

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

@this iz beef

FL1's are pretty common. You'd find them in pretty much any music shop, especially in Melbourne. Besides, I'd probably sell it local.