I'm lookin at getting a kitset les paul with a spalted maple top. was thinkin about how i'd paint it and i was considering a swirl paintjob ala http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/swirled.htm

Question time, would it work if i was to use different shades of stain instead of paint? It should if i use oil based right?

The idea seems cool to me, but i can't quite picture it tbh. Has anyone ever tried this? More importantly, is this gonna look rubbish?
Icant answer any of your uestions except the last one. DO IT, personally i think a multicoloured swirl les paul would look amazing.
I suspect you would need an oil based stain, judging by the fact that you need oil based paints to swirl...
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Wait... What's the point of getting the spalted maple if you're just going to paint over it? And like nutter said, it would probably need to be an oil based stain.


My guess is that you will need to use drastically different colour stains, else it will just end up looking like a sloppy stain job.
^ True there. I wouldn't do more than three colors either. Like a light natural, cherry/mahogany, and maybe blue/red/green whatever other color stain you may like. If it works out it will look cool as hell.
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my major concern is the swirl of the different coloured stains and the grain of the timber conflicting.

but hey, if it does all hit the fan then i can always sand it back.

i guess i'll just keep thinking it thru and have a look at the funds...