Hi, what could I get with £500 or less? I'm defenitely thinking used, and I wanted to know what sort of models I could expect. I love Stingrays, but that's probably a pretty tall order for £500. What do you guys think?
If you love Stingrays, then get a used Sterling Ray34. Sterling is a budget brand by Musicman and the range is truly excellent. Very little differences between Sterling Stingrays and real Stingrays. Try the marketplace section of basschat.co.uk for great deals on used basses (and other gear), I use it all the time. You could probably grab a Ray34 at a good price
I'm looking at Stingrays on eBay, and this brand OLP keeps coming up. Does anyone know what this means?
Official Licenced Product. These are discontinued and have been replaced by the Sterling line I believe
go to a few local pawnshops and play the bass before you buy it, get a feel for what you play. craigslist.org as well has alot of good qualit used instruments.
Anyone else know what sort of basses go for £500 or less? I'm going down to London on Sunday and I plan to try out a lot of stuff.
London shops tend to be pretty terrible, overpriced and rude staff apparently. But there is one shop in Camden called the Bass Gallery (or just The Gallery I think), which is apparently an excellent shop, definitely take a look there
I keep seeing Warwicks around the £500 mark on Basschat, you'd be extraordinarily lucky to find a MusicMan though. Some people love OLPs. I guess I've never played a good one. With £500 I'd probably but two ATKs
Ibanez, Fender MIM, Traben and more than a few Schecters are available in that price range. How many strings are you looking for? Four, five or six?
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There's loads you can get for £500. I went into dawson's and barely any were over that price (Mostly the Fender Jazz's were the ones over that price tag). You can get loads of low - mid quality basses for that price, and some used high quality ones.

My budget is around that for a 5 string and i'm looking at Ibanez or Yamaha models. They are reliable, play well and I love their looks.
I'm looking for a four string, and I currently own a Squier Precision Affinty, so practically anything will be a step up! ATK's seem to be getting a good reputation here, are they worth checking out?
Keep your eyes peeled for a used MusicMan SUB, if I can find one for $650AUD you can find one for £500 or under. There's a fiver on ebay.co.uk now but you said you didn't want a fiver. There's also a 4 on there if you don't mind shipping from the US it'd cost you about £580 all up.
I'm surprised with the folks here. From my time spent lurking here I've noticed people usually like to mention that you shouldn't forget to upgrade your amp!

If what you have right now is a Squier Affinity P, youu could do what I plan on doing and buy a nice Squier Vintage Modified P bass (maybe grab the sexy new one that should be making it's way into stores sometime soon https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1351225)

And then spend whatever money you have left over on a nice amp

Or at least that's about what i was expecting folks to recommend to you :p
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The SUBs are EBs older economy line. Much better than the OLPs but a good comparison would be a MIM Fender to a MIA Fender.

If you really want a Stingray sound on a budget, they are going to be your best option.
Cool, and can I get one for less than £500? I can stretch to £600 if needs be. I suppose it all comes down to what thereis in shops, does anyone know the best ones in London?
Did you not read my post(s)?

The Bass Gallery is apparently the only shop worth going to as they are reasonably priced and friendly
Yeah I read it and looked them up, but I can't just visit one shop! Last year I went to Tottenham Road and the shops near there, they were OK.
Hmm yeah... Well there are a few music shops including dedicated guitar and bass places on Denmark Street. I suppose if you find something you like and its overpriced you could buy online anyway
I would recommend a Squier vintage modified, but I dont know much. This one is crazily sexy, I will probably be buying it when Im not so broke. Orrrr This is equally nice.
Also worth going into a shop and trying a bunch of different basses, since you cant feel them through the internet.
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