like your melody i rly think you could make this into an awesome song with more instruments :]
love your sound and bass and guitar , allthough it goes on way to long without anything changing , i suggest adding different layers over the progression that you have now , like a drum or lead guitar , would be really good imo. good luck !

here i made a little thing within it , just basic but to hopefully give you some ideas
lothiel final.gp5
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Sounds epic, like someone said, add some more instruments and keep working on it then i think it will sound great!
You have a solid progression. In my opinion, I think that you ought to add more instruments or a melody line as the others have said. Another option is to start spicing up the progression and experimenting a bit, as well as adding some rhythmic variety. About half-way through I was hoping for something to change things up a bit.

So I'd say that above all else, you mostly just need to add a bit of variety.
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