they have the chinese advertising here for imitation guitars?
poor new guy who is gonna click on their website and think he´s got a bargain!
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they have the chinese advertising here for imitation guitars?
poor new guy who is gonna click on their website and think he´s got a bargain!

this website is a business, if they turned down advertising they didnt approve of they wouldn't make a profit.

so why?

There's an extensive thread about this in Bad Advertising Reports that got closed iirc, go there and have a read.
There is nothing wrong with allowing them to advertise. It is the responsibility of the consumer (us) to decide whether we want to buy from there or not. They may not be of a high quality compared to others, but if you don't like it you don't have to buy from them.
allowing an advertisement and endorsing a brand are two vastly different things.

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where do those creator s live?
UG doesn't "support" (i.e. endorse) them. They're the ones supporting UG -- that is, they pay to run the ads, which is how UG makes money.

Those ad systems are automated. I believe most of them allow some control over which ads are displayed, which is how UG can block known bad advertisers. But most of them don't do any real checking or anything, they're just in it for the money. Many of those advertisers are also guilty of other shady practices, like pop-ups, talking ads, and in some cases, even distributing malware.

(I do trust Google AdSense slightly more than other ad providers, and when I ran an ad-sponsored site, I used them exclusively for that reason. They have their share of problems too, but they aren't intrusive like most of the competition, and they seem to do some "background checks" on advertisers. But that's getting off-topic, and I'm in no position to tell UG how to make their money.)

Most jurisdictions have laws against both counterfeiting and false advertising, but from my non-expert understanding, international law is a tricky thing the best of times, and that's assuming the respective countries' legal systems are willing to cooperate at all. Unless you've got a strong case, a really good lawyer, and a lot of really good luck, the best thing you can do is report bad advertising and move on with life.

By the way, if you can't recognize a deal obviously too good to be true, it's your own damn fault.
as pointed out this site is a business first and foremost. having said that taking advertising from a place that is out to decieve the buyer is a poor business practice. they may also alienate gibson which would be a very poor business decision as they could generate far more revenue if they chose to advetise here. chances are that those in charge of advertising have nothing to do with the site per say and just plain don't know any better.
The ad system is automated and the company that runs the ads will put adverts directed towards your interests which is guitars.

Anyway i never see them because i use adblocker plus and you should too some ads on sites can give you spyware.
UG does not endorse or support them in any way. It's quite the opposite. The only reason they show up is that UG essentially sells ad space to middlemen, so whoever buys advertising service from that middleman could end up on UG without our consent. We do not want their ads on our site, but sometimes it happens anyway. If you see an ad for such a site, please report it as per the instructions in the Bad Advertising Report section. We'll remove it.