depends what u want in a guitar
ive bought some bstock, they should only have some cosmetic flaws, like dents or scratches. then again the companies i bought them off did give me a guarantee on their playability.

if you want yr guitar 100% clean, scratch free, etc then pay the 60squid more...you will sleep better at night!
also, depends on yr money situation.
I dont really care if its scratched or not. I just want it to be playable.
actually let me give u 2 examples......i was offered a COB esp ltd......with 30% discount as one of the edges on the v was chipped off. it was chipped off about a 2cm deep. and the surrounding edges were also chipped. 30% off was a tempting offer ! but it just didnt look right and although it did play 100% fine.....i didnt get it.....coz the truth was....the damages was sticking out like a soar thumb and it bugged me.

a years ago i bought a fender usa. they gave me 15% off cos it had 2 big scratches - 1 on the back. and a small one on the side. didnt bug me. played well and cosmetically it was clean. i bought that one. upto date im happy with it
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Hi. Im thinking of buying a new guitar on the internet. Its a B-stock guitar and has a description of its condition.


Is it worth paying an extra £60 for a brand new one?

The crack looks kinda nasty but if you treat the guitar well you propably won't get problems. It'll play like an A-stock one