Well, it's great to finally come back to the Songwriting forum once again after a long absence. Over the past few months, I had extremely writer's block and couldn't write a single riff. After working long and hard, I finally came up with a few ideas. The song isn't complete but it's getting there. Please, tell me what you think. C4C
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I saw Track 5 and I was looking forward to an acoustic outro ha. It never came

I thought it was kind of generic, not saying thats bad, just first opinion. There wasn't hardly any melody, not even a solo. (I'm not too familiar with death metal, so maybe you wanted it to be like that? Idk.)

With Section H, I'm not sure if its my engine or what, it just sounds way off.

Section A, I loved. I really liked it.

Section B I liked too, but I wasn't as crazy about C, I think it would sound better if you played the chords over again instead of picking them out, if you know what I mean.

Section D fits in well too, and the rest at the end transitions well.

Crit mine?
Pretty nice death metal piece Arsis .

Drum intro: Well, it's not bad but a bit boring. Think maybe about something else !!

Section A: Was ok, nothing serious to mention about it. Moving bassline .

Section B: Same with this one. Nice basic heavy riff and moving bassline .

Section C: I think best part this far. Bass line works very well at this part.

Section D: Nice part also, bass works once again very well .

Section E: Nice break part. Nothing really to mention about this.

Section F: This is most boring part of whole song. And it's long. What about adding solo to this part or something? Or melody line .

Section G: This is good part also. Moving bassline as always

Section H: Little bit more melodic one. Nice work!

Nice song. 8/10. Not really bad one!
Interesting melodies with tremolo picking, although some of the melodies were predictable. Maybe its because I like throughplayed music, but I thought some of the riffs repeated too often. Alot of the song seems to focus on low C chugging.

But irregardless of all that, I could see this as a good Death metal piece with some Mid range vocals.

First is Jazzy TechDeath.


Second is Proggy theme based (Death?) Metal.


First one is for this crit, for the second you can leave me a C4C if you want.