I have a seagull brand acoustic (not the one you are looking at getting) and i think that seagull is a trustworthy brand. Ive had it for three years now and it still sounds great. I dont know if this is normal, but if you do get a seagull, make sure you change the strings it comes with because mine were extremely rusty. I dont have a say for the other guitars.
I can't attest for the other guitars but I just bought a Seagull S6 Original. I love it. The neck is so smooth and I love the more natural finish rather than a think coat of lacquer.
go for the seagull. a&l are made by the same company, but i've a-b'ed some and for some reason they don't sound as good as the seagulls. haven't had a chance to try the s&p. as far as cheap taks, i've never played one that comes close to the s6 sound quality unplugged, although both brands are generally well made.