Most don't know the key to good strumming sounds. The key lies in a loose grip. Please understand i am only speaking of strumming and not melodic events. I teach my students to hold the pick with a very loose grip because this alowws the pick to glide across the strings and doesn't allow the pick to dig into the strings. If your strumming seems abrasive to you try this. You;ll be glad you did. NOTE: At first you may even drop the pick. Thats ok keep working until the perfect grasp is found. Also use a med to heavy pick. Thin picks break down and allow little control. Hope this helps and don't forget to hug your guitar!
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I agree with the loose grip part, but personally I've been using very thin picks for years and it works best for me. When I need more control for stuff like sweep picking etc. I just choke up on the pick a bit. I find thinner picks give a smoother tone and a more vocal-like attack which is what I aim for in lead playing.
Thanks for your input and I do agree. The problem with thinner picks is even with choking up you still have a break down. I'm sure you have mastered this but beginners should go with a med or heavy for versatilty. Thanks again and happy playing. Good to meet another player
That's not the key to smooth strumming sounds even though it does improve the sound quite a bit. That just provides one extra dynamic for you to use when playing, a good player will make use of differing how tightly they hold the pick and where they strum to get the sound they want. Of course, gripping the pick like a mad gorilla is bad for you but so is holding the pick so loosely for all strumming.