yeah it's me again-btw i have to hold on to my fender squier till i get my hands on some extra cash-in the meantime i'm just wondering if i just replace my pickups on the squier with GFS 60's-70's Grey Bottom Non Stagger "Texas" Strat Set-- should i see a significant change in the sound as compared to the old ones-i play country/bluegrass picking style of music. will it be worth the investment of $100??
So instead of saving that cash, you wanna spend it on upgrading a guitar that you're planing on getting rid of? You need extra cash right?

Worry about the pickups when you can actually notice a difference. You need to develop your ear more.

Oh and it's just Squier btw
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Like the previous poster said, don't spend money on a guitar you want to get rid of later down the line. Pickups aren't complete tone changers, they refine it. THen when the pickups are paired with a nice amp you can get some sweet sounds. Honestly man just buy a nicer guitar and the difference between your Squier and the new one will be more noticable than if you just bought pickups.
you might but that all depends on what amp you are using and whether your guitar is any good to begin with. squiers (especially low end ones) are very hit or miss. better pickups should improve your sound but don't expect your guitar to suddenly sound the same as a US made strat. for now i'd suggest getting a better guitar and then perhaps upgrade the squier later as a backup guitar. learning more about what sound you really want and how to get it as mentioned is a really good idea as well.