Anyone else a busker on here? I live on a busy street in the middle of a city, filled with bars and a lot of nightlife, so on Friday nights I've taken to sitting on my doorstep and playing punk songs, acoustic style. Open guitar case next to me and all. Fun to play, fun to sing, fun to make a little bit of money on the side.

Any other punk buskers on the forum?
They say the old woman's got the wisdom
'Cause she couldn't read the clock anymore
She said "The numbers don't represent the moments"
Says she don't see what all the ticking's for
I thought Faneuil hall was a cess pit...

Until I saw the buskers.

One guy was an entire bluegrass/country band by himself.

But if I was gonna busk I'd play my Euphonium and my friend would play the banjo cuz we'd get more attention and the jambs would be hotter.
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^I wouldn't pay him because he clearly has enough money to afford those fancy sunglasses and that stupid jacket.

Fashion stuff doesn't count, because you make your parents buy it for you, because if you don't have the right clothes you're a poser (THE EXPLOITED are PUNK ROCK).