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What's the worst live performance you have ever seen in your life? (Video footage, youtube) Leave your submission with a youtube link (Or name of show, year etc) below, hopefully I'll see one worse enough where the crowd boo's ^.^.
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Slayer just did a Rock am Ring in germany a couple of months ago and it was broadcast live on mtv, Talk about sucks, I can not believe anyone would listen to that shit ever. I don´t know what a cd from them sounds like but live I would´nt pay to see that shit.
Soilent Green-didn't have a whole lot of energy or variation in guitar techniques
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Chase & Status. They sucked. I hate them but they were on at The Warriors Dance Festival, thought I'd check them out...they failed. Does it Offend You, Yeah! were better.
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Def Leppard on any recent tour. Jeeesus.
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We Came As Romans can't play their songs at all, and even I can play their songs... So...
Arms Of Empire
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Trivium when they were supporting Iron Maide, but I can't stand Trivium.
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Nearly everything I've seen from Eric Johnson. The man has absolutely no stage presence whatsoever.
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Flyleaf on the Music As A Weapon III tour at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago in 2007 were pretty terrible.

Didn't really care for In This Moment at Mayhem Fest on July 31st of this year in Noblesville either.

Come to think of it, Halestorm was also bad opening for Avenged Sevenfold at the Murat last February.... Hmmm.... I'm noticing a trend.
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This is the worst Guns N' Roses cover of all time. I died a little inside after watching this:

WTF!? They're all playing at completely different tempos. How do people play as bad as this and think they are sounding good!?
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50% of megadeth live shows. awesome album work, but man dave and co. are the shittiest performers ever
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there was this cover band of high schoolers called I Hate Boy and their videos were from a relay for life. They were the worst videos I've seen. Sadly, I can't find them on YouTube anymore.
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Personally i love Muse - but some of most recent shows have been a bit lack luster and repetitive. But probably not the worst ever

That Take That cover of Smells like Teens was beyond belief - i mean, i just don't get it

Actually the worst performance i've EVER seen was from GlasVegas - the drummer had one big drum for an entire support set, and all she did was hit it like every 5 seconds. And the band itself was shit, but the drummer really annoyed me. You're a drummer supporting Muse and you bring a single drum? A SINGLE DRUM!?
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Personally i love Muse - but some of most recent shows have been a bit lack luster and repetitive. But probably not the worst ever


Except when I seen them a month a go they weren't the same as usual, they played a great set list and were really energetic
Two of my friends saw Buckcherry opening for A7X and said they got booed throughout their entire set
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