Hi there guys and gals,

Help me build my home studio,
I currently have a MacBook Pro, Logic Studio 9 and various amps and instruments too.

Can I have suggestions on Mics (for drums, guitars and vocals. Individual mics for each?) and a firewire interface (I was thinking M- Audio)? I'd like to keep costs as low as possible but if I have to spent £££ to get enough quality I will


mics u can get a long way with sm-57s for vocal id say a large diaphragm condenser mic would be best also for the drums a pair of small diaphragm condensers for over heads would be good and something like a d112 kick mic or u could make a sub kick out of a speaker
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Alright, here we go.

Rode NT1-A for vocals (best affordable Condenser on the market right now).
2-4 Shure SM57's (They can be used on just about everything, the number you need depends on how many you want. I'd suggest at least 2)
Shure Beta 52A Kick drum mic (Obviously for kicks)
2 Rode M3's for drum overheads (Affordable but quality like everything Rode does)

I suggest the M-Audio Profire 2626. Its got amazing pres on it, a solid overall package and has support for Pro Tools M-Powered which is a fun program to use.

KRK RP 5's, 6's or 8's. The bigger, the better low end response you'll get but anything KRK makes is amazing.
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