im trying to find the cheapest guitar in GC that actually works nicely and is pretty durable. I wonder if this is a good one:


Opinions plz. Durability matters most to me now......Dont care abot tone quality...i'll upgrade it sometime later.
That probably isn't a very good guitar. If you'd be willing to spend 200 you could get a yamaha fg700s which has a solid top. It is a better overall guitar, and I imagine it would be durable as any guitar.

What exactly do you mean by durability? What are you going to be using it for?
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when i was looking for a less expensive guitar, i tried 'em all, and i really wasn't inspired by the sound of the PR-150, or actually the finish. i also found the frets on the ones i played weren't well seated.

the gf700s is a very good suggestion in the lower price ranges, but if you just can't swing that, i'd recommend this one

good sound for a lam, and pretty good quality, too - just as one would expect from yamaha. makes playing a lot more fun.

if you're sure you don't care about tone quality, they'll often sell a mitchell dread for $99.99. will it make you want to play? who knows, but it does play. and keep in mind that the labor day sale will lower the price on some of these.
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actually i play electric guitar (shredding, heavy metal, rock...etc.) for a while now. I sddenly got into "softer" kind of stuff like folk and oldies pop and want to try an acoustic. But uh.....im still a kid so the budget's kinda tight... maybe something around $100 is fine. So i figured id check out the cheap stuff/used stuff at GC rather than go to a yard sale......

by durable i mean, it can last long, u can smash it everywhere and bring it to any kind of terrain and wont be screwed up. and i dont care about the tone as long as it at least sounds like a guitar and can play music. I'll worry bout the tone when i actually get a job and can afford one or start performing or something...
haha when i bought my first guitar i was going to either get that or the DR-100

my cheap arse opted for the DR-100 and its actually a pretty nice guitar once you put the right strings on it! i wouldn't think that the two guitars would be that much different though so i say get it! just be sure to change the stock strings!