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My dad
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They are both being idiots and should suck it up
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I'm coming to you guys since, well, you are the pit. Hoping for some genuine input.

Ok so I have a question. My dad has called my girlfriend a number of mean things, made her not feel welcome in my house, and talks badly about her. She, on the other hand, ignores him for these reasons, and didn't say anything to him regardless of the fact that he just had brain surgery(i.e. wishing him good luck) So h...e says she is ignorant, she says he is immature. Who is wrong? He told me to ask anybody.

He's called her a crack *****, talked shit about her, to the point where I told him he either shutup or I would knock him out.

She didn't wish him good luck, she walks into the house and doesn't say hi to him.

This whole thing has been the point of all our arguments lately, and I'm sick and tired of him saying "Ask anybody, she is ignorant"