So, currently playing a WRXT+bad monkey into a HT-5 Combo... I've achieved a heavy, full, metal sound that I really like... but it sounds a bit loose, I'd like it to be more accurate,tighter, exact...

If someone does understand what I'm saying, is there any time of pedal that allows me to do this to my sound?
from the name of it, I'd say a compressor might be the thing...but I don´t know what it does exactly
Im not really sure, but an EQ pedal might help.
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from the name of it, I'd say a compressor might be the thing...but I don´t know what it does exactly

That's what you're looking for. It will tie your sound together more than you currently are experiencing. You could also try an equalizer. A pedal that many swear by is MXR's 10 band EQ. It's a fantastic pedal, and is the next item I'm GASing for.
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Ahhhh, you and I are in the same predicament. I've been researching ways that will allow me to tighten up my sound and I've come to find there are several factors that will do so. Pickups, cab speakers, string gauge, woods, and some pedals will be able to do that.
Get a compressor, I'd recommend the Aphex punch factory optical compressor, gives you tons of sustain and tightens the sound up and you cut through other instruments more. After that, if its still not good go for an EQ as everybody said, either MXR ten band is always highly recommended or Danelectro fish 'n' chips is good if you're on a budget.
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If you mean tighter tone wise then definitely an eq pedal. MXR makes a couple of good ones.
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An EQ pedal will really help you here, as it helps you zone in on the tone you want, with a good basis from the EQ on your amp.

However, I find a tighter metal tone is found by boosting mids (about 500hz on a 10 band EQ), but thats just me. I can personally vouch for the MXR 10 band, for tightening and brightening my darky, muddy sounding Valveking into a searing, chunky beast.

Another option would be to maybe upgrade your Bad Monkey to a TubeScreamer or something, but the BM isn't too bad in all honesty.
i would attack the problem through the speaker. you get much of your punch and tightness from speaker setup. i'd go with a higher wattage speaker, ceramic magnet, in closed back cab. this should tighten things up for.

compressors will just make your signal more even level, it's what they do

an eq is going to change freq response, with may allow for more mids for presence in the mix, but i don't see what it'd do for tightening up your tone.

a higher wattage speaker will have stiffer components for the high power handling, this usual results in a 'stiff'/tight feel. a used a celestion G12K-85 for my 'metal' speaker and it does a very good job.

a closed back cab will project most the sound out the front of the cabinet and alter the dynamic response of the speaker a bit, usually this results in a more 'punchy' tone.
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