EDIT: I don't think that anything is physically broken, just loose. I want to know if there are any solutions where I don't have to spend money on buying a new switch/soldering it together.

Hi everyone, for the past couple of weeks I have noticed that my 5-way pickup switch has been more difficult to change between positions, and sometimes would not change tone after I changed positions unless I jiggled it around a little bit. Anyway, about a week ago I picked up my guitar and heard some rattling inside and the pickup switch problem escalated to new heights. It was stuck on the fully extended position (bridge) or middle-bridge position tonally, not physically regardless of which position I moved the switch to. Now today I decided to open up the back of guitar and take a look at the electronics. I found these two pieces loose and they fell out immediately

1st item top down view
2nd item side view

Now after examining the rest of the electronics and doing a quick Google search, I determined that the design of my pickup switch is called a "Fender 5-way switch". I think I found where the loose pieces are supposed to go but I am not sure. Also, if they are supposed to go where I think, I have no idea how to get them in there. I tried using needle-nosed pliers to set them in there but it's not working too well, not to mention I don't have a way to screw it in afterwards. Here's where I think they are supposed to go

Blue Arrow

If someone who has experience with pickup switches, or anyone who owns a Schecter C-1 Classic could use a screwdriver to open the back panel of their guitar and see if they can tell me where these pieces go, I would be extremely grateful.

Here are some other pictures of the inside in case they help at all.

Extra pic 1
Extra pic 2

E-beers to all who can help
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You might need a new switch. I can sell you one, if you end out needing a replacement.
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I think your switch is broken. You should replace it with a new one.
This is more appropriate as its own thread. Doesn't really fit in the guitar wiring thread.
^ I didn't mean for him to post there. I just ment for him to look at the pics that are on the first page of it and compare his switch to the pics on there, and then he'd be able to tell where the peices go. If they fit, hooray, if not, he knew that he needs a new switch.
There are no user serviceable parts in a control cavity. It will need to be replaced.
Quote by MonsterRob
There are no user serviceable parts in a control cavity. It will need to be replaced.

Yes, but you CAN do that yourself.

Besides what would be the point of fixing it? A switch is like $10.
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to start, you can easily take the switch out of the cavity to look at it. just unscrew the two screws on the top holding it in.

second, that is not where those parts go. or at least, they arent there on my c-1 classic. in fact, i dont see anything resembling those with a quick glance through my control cavity.

i highly suggest replacing your switch. it shouldnt be hard to do, isnt expensive, and will solve your problem.