so after watching videos of dime shred like a beast and do it with maximum ease i decided.....i wanna do that 2! haha. so if u guys could tell me what warmups he did and stuff like that to get to his level that would be awsome. i am hopefully gettin his riffer madness books on. but untill then i just gota count on UG'ers. thanks
Wow. You sound ridiculously like a troll. This is disgusting.

But for real advice, practice all varieties of scales with a metronome. That's pretty much all Dime's playing consisted of.
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you can't be a beast like dime. even with a pink beard and long hair. dime had his own magic powers, which he developed on his own and so did hendrix and many other players. you should too

I just realised i put just as much effort in this post, as the TS did...
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k. well basiccly just was askin for warmup advice. thansk ass holes

There is whole thread of technique advice and another of exercises, try checking those. Their easy to find what with being stickied at the top of the forum.
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k. well basiccly just was askin for warmup advice. thansk ass holes

Warm-ups aren't what you really need to focus on; like their name says, they're used to warm-up before you play.
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Try sequencing scales, maybe? I don't think Dime stuck to any scale, or if he even used them sometimes(Cemetary Gates is chromatic for sure), but sequencing'll get you places(he uses it in the last solo to Shattered) if you wanna solo like him. =P He used wah in a fair amount of his stuff too, so you might want one of those. If you don't get it first off keep trying, remember he'd been playing for more than 10 years and recording for 7 years when Cowboys came out. =P
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