I hope i don't get shit for posting this on ultimate-GUITAR but i get really good answers here so i figured why not. Basicaly my problem is that my bass drum sounds like im hitting a piece of cardboard , it has no bass to it and ive tried virtually everything with the muffling and tuning and different beaters. If theres anything im missing let me know, im using a pearl Reso and a Remo Pinstripe Head
I used to like the Remo Powerstroke 3 bass heads, I would try getting either that or an Evans head on there. Pinstripes aren't really known for having an awesome sound.

Other than that, how is your technique? Hitting a bass drum is like hitting a regular drum with sticks; you need to let the beater rebound off the head rather than "burying" it in the head until your next hit. It should just bounce off.

Other than that it sounds like way too much muffling. You shouldn't need more than a single blanket in there touching both heads.
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My friend, who's an awesome drummer, set up my kit with Evans batter heads, and tuned them very loosely, and now, it feels like getting punched in the chest, with its power and resonance. I don't know much about setting drums up for a good sound, but I know mine sounded like how you described it, at the start, now sounds amazing.

What I'd reccommend, is change the head, and sort the tuning out, either yourself or with help from a pro.
ok thanks, i dont think its my technique though hmm the blanket im using is kind of big im going to mess around with it more.
It's probably the fact that you have a giant blanket in there that's eating every bit of resonance in the drum. You don't have a giant port in the resonant head as well do you?

You need to tune it like any other drum... you wouldn't stick a blanket in your floor tom would you?